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ACC assessments


Seating To Go can only accept referrals directly from ACC for this service. Although we are able to provide assessments for people of all ages and ability, our particular areas of expertise include:

  • Wheelchair and seating prescription for people with spinal injuries and traumatic brain injury
  • Assessments for powered mobility for very young children and adults requiring specialty controls
  • Prevention of secondary complications such as pressure injuries, shoulder injuries, and postural asymmetry through individualised wheelchair and seating configuration, pressure mapping and education
  • Postural management advice
  • Custom seating solutions for people with significant postural asymmetries or movement disorders 
  • Wheelchair skills training for active users - children and adult groups available.

Seating To Go also partner with Gains@Geneva to provide community based rehabilitation, education and training within their ACC Training for Independence programmes. This ensures continuity of care after our wheelchair and seating assessment intervention has been completed.