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Kids On the Go

"The same joy and excitement experienced by every dancer or musician, astronaut or athlete, can be seen in newly mobile children" - Cole Galloway.

We are passionate about making sure children have every opportunity to get out and about with friends and family, and are supported the best way possible to help prevent damage to their body. Sometimes this is about linking in with Go Baby Go NZ to access a modified toy car, or maybe assessing for a really active lightweight wheelchair. Sometimes it is about creating a supported seated or lying position to help them control their movements or sleep at night. Sometimes it is about spending more time developing skills to use a power wheelchair with complex controls.....all these interventions have a place and are as individual as your child.

In addition to working with you to decide the best wheelchair/buggy and seating option for your child, some of the other things our therapists might recommend are:

  • the under 4 yrs playgroup for children new to using a wheelchair
  • a Go Baby Go referral for a modified toy car 
  • the "Have a Go" group for children with complex needs who may require a power wheelchair with special controls
  • night time positioning to help reduce the risk of hip migration and spinal asymmetry
  • a wheelchair skills group - Expression of Interest